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It is now possible to create a custom download page for paid accounts (Business and Premium Inbox). By adding one HTML element and including some Javascript it is possible to turn virtually any web page into a FileCentral download page.

<div id="filecentral-custom-download"></div>
<script type="text/javascript"

First add a div with id “filecentral-custom-download” where the information will be added. Place it where you want the file list to appear. Then we include the FileCentral javascript code that will generate the file list and place it in the div. That’s it!

Now you should be able to access your web page. You can either access it without a download code:

You should then see a form which requests you to enter a download code, or, you can access it while specifying a download code in the url (request parameter “c”):

You can style the div and the file list by adding to your style sheet for the page.

In order to enable the functionality in FileCentral you need to add the download page url to the “Custom download page” field under “My profile” for your account in FileCentral. The new url will now be used in all e-mail notifications sent to recipients.

When the page is loaded the download page url will be matched to the custom download page setting for the account and they must match otherwise an error will be displayed.

Advanced users are welcome to download our javascript code, modify and use it in any way they like for more advanced integration and styling.

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