Improved inbox

On March 31, 2014 we published an improved version of the FileCentral inbox.

The improvements include

  • Possibility to add more fields to the inbox upload form (in total 7 fields plus message field)
  • Possibility to change the header for each field
  • Possibility to configure whether a field is optional or mandatory to fill out
  • Layout and css adjustments to make it easier to adjust the layout

Screenshot that shows the new configuration options in inbox settings:

New configuration options in inbox settings

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Custom download page

It is now possible to create a custom download page for paid accounts (Business and Premium Inbox). By adding one HTML element and including some Javascript it is possible to turn virtually any web page into a FileCentral download page.

<div id="filecentral-custom-download"></div>
<script type="text/javascript"

First add a div with id “filecentral-custom-download” where the information will be added. Place it where you want the file list to appear. Then we include the FileCentral javascript code that will generate the file list and place it in the div. That’s it!

Now you should be able to access your web page. You can either access it without a download code:

You should then see a form which requests you to enter a download code, or, you can access it while specifying a download code in the url (request parameter “c”):

You can style the div and the file list by adding to your style sheet for the page.

In order to enable the functionality in FileCentral you need to add the download page url to the “Custom download page” field under “My profile” for your account in FileCentral. The new url will now be used in all e-mail notifications sent to recipients.

When the page is loaded the download page url will be matched to the custom download page setting for the account and they must match otherwise an error will be displayed.

Advanced users are welcome to download our javascript code, modify and use it in any way they like for more advanced integration and styling.

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Upgrade April 26

A minor update has been applied including the following changes:

  • Your name can now be used as sender for download notifications. Under “My profile” you can edit your name and check “Use as sender” to activate this feature
  • Improved download notification message
  • Preparations for automating upgrades to inbox. These are currently handled manually
  • “” was replaced with “FileCentral” in page head and texts
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Upgrade August 26

A minor update has been applied including the following changes:

  • Only active files will be shown in history. A checkbox allows for inative files to be displayed.
  • Better error messages have been added for upload errors often caused by firewall and antivirus software.
  • Inbox users that renew are now correctly suggested the inbox renewal option.
  • A problem with cancelling an account has been fixed.
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Upcoming version Feb 20

On February 20 we will publish a new version of FileCentral and FileCentral Desktop.


  • Improved bandwidth handling for uploads and downloads
  • Improved upload progress bar
  • Possibility to add an extra password which will be required for file download. This feature requires Premium Inbox account.
  • Fixed problem with inbox layout customization
  • Minor text and layout changes for increased readability
  • Extra password support and stability fixes in FileCentral Desktop

Price for 3-month accounts will be increased. 12-month account will remain same.

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FileCentral 2.0 upgrade

Today (Jan 12, 2011), we have upgraded our platform to a new version which includes the following features and improvements:

  • Our new application FileCentral Desktop can now be used in production
  • Support for sending files larger than 2 GB via FileCentral Desktop
  • Improved progressbar (AJAX instead of meta refresh)
  • Possibility for users to change their e-mail address
  • Password security improved
  • Increased performance
  • New API for integration customers
  • Plus numerous minor improvements and fixes…
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We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

We will of course be up and running 24×7 during christmas holidays if any of you feel the urge to send some files. A platform upgrade will be performed shortly after we switch to 2011.

Thanks for your support in 2010!

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Service outage Dec 1, 16:15-20:00 (CET)

Due to a major problem at our hosting provider’s data center we experienced just below 4 hours of downtime yesterday.

We apologize for the inconvience this may have caused.

Together with our supplier we will discuss necessary steps to avoid similar problems in the future.

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Capacity upgrade on Tuesday, November 23, 8.00 (CET)

At the mentioned time the FileCentral site ( will be temporarily unavailable for a few minutes due to an upgrade of traffic capacity.

After the upgrade we will be able to handle up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) of traffic.

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Secure connection (SSL encryption) to now available

It is now possible to browse and login to the FileCentral site over an encrypted connection. Simply point your browser to

The padlock (open or locked) icon in the upper right corner indicates whether the page is visited in secure or non-secure mode. It can also be ussed to toggle encryption on and off.

Please note however that the notification emails sent out to recipients will contain non-secure links (http, not https) to the download page.

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