Secure connection (SSL encryption) to now available

It is now possible to browse and login to the FileCentral site over an encrypted connection. Simply point your browser to

The padlock (open or locked) icon in the upper right corner indicates whether the page is visited in secure or non-secure mode. It can also be ussed to toggle encryption on and off.

Please note however that the notification emails sent out to recipients will contain non-secure links (http, not https) to the download page.

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Try out FileCentral Desktop – Beta

We have now opened our beta trial for FileCentral Desktop.

This application will improve functionality and reliability when uploading files to FileCentral.

It provides the following extended functionality:

* Automatic retries
* Pause and resume of uploads
* Possibility to send files larger than 2 GB
* Files are transparently split into smaller parts during upload in order avoid limitations in some firewalls.

The beta trial runs on which is a separate system with a “clean” database. This means that in order to participate you need to register and verify your e-mail account before logging in.
After the beta period the database will be cleared again and therefore the beta system should not be used for important files/transmissions.

We have increased the levels for the free acount in the beta environment to business levels plus it is possible to send up to 5 GB in one job.

In order to participate:

1. Register at

2. Download and install the client (bi-lingual, english and swedish)
Mac: (50 MB)
Windows: (111 MB)

3. Read through the FileCentral User’s Guide (PDF)

4. Run the application. You need to fill out your account information and also choose “Server: Test (” on the tab “Settings” -> “Account”.

5. Please provide us your feedback by sending an e-mail to

We look forward to receiving your feedback (positive or negative) and your ideas on how to improve the application and site.

Please remember not to use the beta trial for transferring vital files. In those cases use the current production site instead,

Thank you very much for your support!

Regards, /
Infoflex Connect

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Testa FileCentral Desktop (swedish text only)

Uppdaterad 28 december 2010. Nu med automatiska uppdateringar online.

Nu är det möjligt att testa applikationen FileCentral Desktop.

Applikationen förbättrar funktionaliteten vid uppladdning av filer:

  • Möjlighet att skicka filer större än 2 GB
  • Automatiska omförsök
  • Pausa och återuppta uppladdning
  • Filerna delas upp i mindre delar vid uppladdning vilket undviker begränsningar i vissa brandväggar

Till att börja med är det bara möjligt att köra den mot vår testmiljö på Detta är en helt separat miljö vilket gör att man måste registrera sig på nytt och verifiera kontot innan man kan logga in.

Dock har vi ställt upp gränserna för gratiskontot till “Business”-nivåer och det går även att skicka filer upp till 5 GB via applikationen.

1. Registrera dig på

2. Titta igenom användarhandledningen (PDF),

3. Ladda ned och installera klienten
Mac: (50 MB)
Windows: (111 MB)

4. Testkör klienten, du måste fylla i dina kontouppgifter och även välja “Server: Test (” på fliken “Inställningar” -> “Konto”.

5. Återkom med kommentarer genom att mejla Har du något du vill diskutera går det också bra att ringa på 08-555 768 60.

Observera att testmiljön är just en testmiljö och för viktiga/riktiga sändningar är det fortfarande webbuppladdning via som gäller.

Vi ser fram emot att få din feedback.
Både ris och ros välkomnas, ev fel ska vi snabba oss att rätta och konstruktiva förslag hur vi kan bli ännu bättre älskar vi!

mvh /
Infoflex Connect

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Resumable downloads now supported

We have now added support for resumable downloads to FileCentral. This means that you can resume a download that was interrupted for some reason, provided that the browser supports it.

If you are using Firefox there are multiple download manager plugins that can be used.

For Windows users we can also recommend FDM Lite, which is a free download manager that integrates with different browsers and works well with the updated FileCentral.

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Multiple recipients can now be entered easily

The input field for recipient has been changed so that multiple recipients can be entered by separating them with space, comma (“,”), semicolon (“;”) or newline.

This makes it much easier to, for example, copy and paste addresses from other documents.

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Firefox generates more than 50% of traffic

Today we are 19 days into December and so far over 50% of the traffic on has been generated by Firefox browsers! For us that enjoys Firefox and its many useful plugins that improves both the browsing and web development experience this is indeed exciting information.

Top browsers:

  • Firefox 50.3%
  • Internet Explorer 36.7%
  • Safari 10.1%
  • Google Chrome 1.4%

Clearly our visitor base may not be representative for the internet community as a whole. We do have an unusually large portion of Mac/OSX users.

Operating systems:

  • Windows 62.6%
  • Macintosh 36.9%
  • Linux 0.3%
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More than 20 000 registered users

Now we have more than 20 000 users registered at

We have seen a slow and steady growth of our user base since FileCentral was launched in the summer of 2006 and while not aiming to maximize the number of users it is encouraging to see that so many appreciate and use our service.

Our main goal with is to provide a tool that professional users find useful and therefore decide to upgrade to our commercial Business and Inbox accounts.

We send out an extra “Thanks!” to all our current customers with commercial accounts!

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Service disruption due to hardware problem

Today (Nov 1, 2009) we experienced system downtime due to a hardware problem. went offline at 14:05 CET and was back online at 16:17 CET.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

UPDATE: Problems continued intermittently and was not fully resolved until Nov 2, 9:00 CET.

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On Sep 1 2009 we deployed an update.

  • Now it is possible to upgrade from Business to Inbox and remaining credit from Business level is considered
  • Max lifetime for sent files is now 30 days for inbox account (previously 15 days)
  • Remaining time for inbox files is now displayed
  • An “upgrade reminder” is displayed occasionally to Free users before “Send file” page can be accessed
  • Fixes for Internet Explorer 8 and Safari
  • Better internal handling of account levels
  • ..and some additional minor bug fixes…
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Welcome to the FileCentral blog

Starting today has a blog.

This is the place where we will publish information about updates and possibly other news related to our site. Since we have customers both from Sweden and elsewhere all blog posts will be in English.

Once again welcome and thank you for your attention!

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