Try out FileCentral Desktop – Beta

We have now opened our beta trial for FileCentral Desktop.

This application will improve functionality and reliability when uploading files to FileCentral.

It provides the following extended functionality:

* Automatic retries
* Pause and resume of uploads
* Possibility to send files larger than 2 GB
* Files are transparently split into smaller parts during upload in order avoid limitations in some firewalls.

The beta trial runs on which is a separate system with a “clean” database. This means that in order to participate you need to register and verify your e-mail account before logging in.
After the beta period the database will be cleared again and therefore the beta system should not be used for important files/transmissions.

We have increased the levels for the free acount in the beta environment to business levels plus it is possible to send up to 5 GB in one job.

In order to participate:

1. Register at

2. Download and install the client (bi-lingual, english and swedish)
Mac: (50 MB)
Windows: (111 MB)

3. Read through the FileCentral User’s Guide (PDF)

4. Run the application. You need to fill out your account information and also choose “Server: Test (” on the tab “Settings” -> “Account”.

5. Please provide us your feedback by sending an e-mail to

We look forward to receiving your feedback (positive or negative) and your ideas on how to improve the application and site.

Please remember not to use the beta trial for transferring vital files. In those cases use the current production site instead,

Thank you very much for your support!

Regards, /
Infoflex Connect

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